Simple, Accurate and Efficient is the home of the free open source Performance Analysis Toolkit. OpenPAT is extremely simple at less than 1000 lines of toolkit code yet capable of obtaining accurate dynamic runtime path information for any compilable program with its efficient static instrumentation process.

OpenPAT comes with a set of innovative tools to analyse software and help you identify:

  • Hotspots, Timings and Performance Bottlenecks
  • Quality Assurance Test Coverages
  • Memory Leaks and Buffer Overflows
  • Data and Control Flow Information
OpenPAT is used around the globe and is free for both commercial and non-commercial use subject to a simple per-user registration through the form below. If you would like to register on behalf of a group of users or an organisation please Contact Us.

OpenPAT version 3.0

Example OpenPAT Control
and Hotspot Analysis for AES256

Example OpenPAT
Data Flow Analysis for AES256